Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Search of Paradise

Clammed in the sea of humanity
i'm not finding it easy to swim,
Around me are the menacing waves
pulling and pushing with every whim.

I yearn to live free in the place
which people dream and call paradise,
I decide to start my search
before it is late to even reminisce.

I break free and wander around
walking on the sands of forlorn beaches,
With the sun going down accompanied
with the joy, music of waves teaches.

I lie on the grassy meadows
looking into the starry lit sky
With a cool breeze blowing
whispering with trees as it passes by.

I walk down steep slopes
covered with flowers of different hues,
Drinking from the little brooks
and swimming in the bustling foam.

I tread when my mind desires
eat when the opportunity provides
The journey is bit long
but the heart never tires.

With each rising day the journey continues,
and with each passing step joy renews
I don't know still where is my paradise
But if the journey is such, Even paradise can wait.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Haunted House

Flowers have withered, Fountains have run dry,
In a state where the whole house was a visual cry,
Nobody ventured near it, nobody tried,
Foolish was the word for one who enterprised.

Every day through my window I see the house,
Filled with the usual lot of eerie ghost grouse,
People say that the ghost there hates every living thing,
Ripping up all of them without remorsing.

Once I decided to check the ghost with curiosity but no desire,
The house looked bleak, as if ready to catch fire,
I entered through the broken back door,
Into a room whithered out by unkempt galore.

Dust, mud and broken glasses were the ghosts company,
I stepped on as if I was part of the whole melachony,
No one knows what dreams were built in this place,
No one knows between it's walls what despair was faced.

Far down the doorway I saw a broken mirror hung on the wall,
I went towards it, feeling for the place which has suffered such a fall,
Light was fast fading outside but still there was no sign of my host,
I peered through the mirror, to realise... it was I, who was the ghost.