Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the Top, Over the Hill

With joy and vigor in our steps,
we start off towards the far mountain peaks,
The cool breeze, the forest air and the silence,
coaxing us into a reverie unmatched.

Sometimes a river runs along for company,
humming its tune to the silent world around,
Sometimes it is just the dead leaves crunching,
creating illusions of danger from all directions.

Sometimes the rain drenches out the tempo,
bringing out the lecherous leeches for their share of fun,
Sometimes running out of our stock of water,
tempera-ting our wills to more human levels.

Sometimes the humidity saps us,
drinking and gurgling as if from a large open keg,
Sometimes it is just our minds,
that starts playing its own little games.

Finally the forest opens up to grassy planes,
bringing with it the relief of fresh air,
The sun now starts to shimmer and dazzle,
swooping down on our necks with tyrannical intent.

Every step is a barrier that needs to be overcome,
Every breath is a nectar to be relished upon,
The body is creaking and groaning with the passage,
Zombie like swaying and stumbling over the path.

The mind is all ready to give it up,
But the heart keeps us all going.
Taking in the natures beauty, and
applying it as a soothing balm to the frayed mind.

Finally the destination is reached,
The objective has been achieved,
It was not a competition of reaching here first,
It was a competition of beating our mental barriers in the company of others.