Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Silent Horizon

The sun is rising, after a bitter cold night,
Its golden rays touching and caressing everything in sight,
I wake up to the chirping of the birds and
walk down to the stream for a gentle scrub.

The craggy path winds down the mountain,
treacherous enough to keep others out of my way,
I douche myself in the silvery stream,
Loosing my thoughts to a silent dream.

I move back to my cave near the meadows,
Walking through the woods under the silent shadows,
I sit down under the shade in silent contemplation,
Mulling over my thoughts in deep rumination.

It has been days since I moved to my mountain abode,
Away from the noisy din that humans usually associate,
Nature has healed my scars inflicted by civilization,
Filling my heart with the pure nectar of the soul divination.

Man lives in a caged world, with his laws and pursuits,
Unable to break free and always in fearful apprehension,
The world of silence and peace is always on the horizon,
But nobody moves towards it lest it should turn turbulent.

I have taken this path towards the silent realm,
Finding peace and quiet in the starry beams,
Learning to loose myself in the path,
And gaining the whole world in the process.