Friday, February 29, 2008


Every now and then I think about her,
She is that grace who will live in me forever,
Her charm is so seductive,
I wish I see her, till death doesn't forgive.

The sky and the ocean pale in front of her,
The brightness of her beauty makes the earth move further,
Her wish is a command,
It is her love that I wish to demand.

A pale blue evening, with the stars above,
I knelt down and showed my heart to my love,
A mocking bird screeched behind,
Wishing the earth to meet the sky tonight.

She chose to forsake me however,
The heart that loved, bled for her forever,
Atlast death smiled, to grant me my last wish,
Took me, when her name was the last on my lips.


Krishna said...

Great one! On a lighter note i sure am curious to know whats triggering this bout of poetry though ;-)

Mithun said...

Thanks Kano, No trigger sumne bariyana anisithu. Anyway I have a captive set of readers, what more can an amateur poet ask for. :)

Pramod said...

Very good one! I also sincerely doubt what made you write this kind of poem, any history that triggered! You have written as if it's your own experience. so, in all, whether sometime triggered you or not, it's a good poem. trigger ildene baredidre neenu obba kiladi kavi! ;)