Thursday, August 28, 2008

The path of destiny

In the dark of a fearful night,
On the path of terrible frights,
Is seen a rider dressed in black,
Moving on with a mighty steel on his back.

Ominous as the signs were,
Hate and deceit was the smell of the air,
Swift as wind did the horse flew,
To whence, no one knew.

At last a light shone,
In the dreamy horizon of a dusky tone,
Near the light stood a well,
Containing the elixir of eternal life.

The mans eye's beamed,
This was what he had always dreamed,
Many years had been spent on this quest,
But time was never able to reduce his thirst.

Years fly by, death remains defeated,
The man lives on, but is never satiated,
Death was a consequence which was avoided,
But life was a solution which never provided.

He now realized his quest was misplaced,
On paths which never were meant to be traced,
His life was well lived till now,
But the past was a burden which had a hold on him now.

He now realized what death meant,
It was the sleep needed to start afresh,
Finally death came since he so wished,
As friends they went, further on the path of destiny.

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