Saturday, November 1, 2008

Psycho-Kannada movie review

The songs for the movie Psycho were a super hit long before the films release, Even though I had heard the songs and had liked them, I didn't have much of an expectation from the movie thinking it to be another gangster movie. It was only after a friend told me that the movie revolves around a boy stalking a girl and the hero may not be seen at all in the movie that it caught my interest.
The movie starts with outrageous camera angles and it takes some time to get used to this as this seems to be the signature of the director and continues for the whole movie. Pavana is a TV anchor and hosts a show on love, the Hero (His name is not at all mentioned) is madly in love with her, follows her wherever she goes without her knowledge and keeps calling her through different mobile numbers. He beats anybody in to pulp who misbehaves with her, and even looks after her family even to the extent of helping her to remember her mother's birthday. At first the heroine is discomfited with the calls, but seeing all the good he keeps doing to her starts falling in love with him. The movie takes a sudden turn after the heroine comes to know about a secret of her stalker. The secret due to which the movie is named Psycho.
The movie which was marketed to be a suspense thriller turns out to be a decent thriller alright. Music is superb and also picturisation of the songs is good. The lead pairs could have done a better job, though they are watchable. The major letdowns for the movie is the director and the dialogues. All in all a very differently made movie, but still does not match up to the hype created by it's superb music. Also the hero is very much visible in the movie, so the hype that the hero is never shown was false.
The best scene of the movie for me was when the hero looking through his mother's letters in a box, spotting a cockroach on the lid smashes it with his head and says "Ammand kagada thinthiya" (You eat my mother's letter) .


Chethan said...

hahaha.. the best scene also justifies the title :)
where did you watch? cd?

Mithun U said...

No, Theatre...Cd alli nodidhu review madalla.

P Kalyan said...

hey...u have written a review!...Good!

anoop said...

excellent review man! Now I want to watch this movie desperately :)

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Archie Pavia said...
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sanjeev george said...

What you say is right. The film is not at all worth except for that track "Ee tanavu ninnade".

yvs vamsi krishna said...

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