Sunday, March 7, 2010

Road, Movie

People may expect a lot of things from this movie, after the likes of DevD and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Abhay deol has become synonymous with the alternate cinema trend. One of the best movies that I have seen of Abay Deol is Manorama Six Feet Under.
Road, starts of with the Abhay’s character looking for a direction in life. His fathers failing oil business beckons him but he willingly grabs an opportunity to take a rundown Truck which is a moving theater to be delivered to a museum across the desert. His escapism isn’t for real though since he keeps a count of the number of days that will keep him away from home. On the way he encounters different kinds of people with their own issues and problems, a young urchin trying to a find a better job, An old mechanic who wants to reach a Mela which no one knows where it is and a sultry Banjarin girl who is searching for water in the desert all by herself and joins the motley crew without a second thought.
The film maynot have a very smooth flow but the director tries to capture a lot of things in a very symbolic manner. The scene wherein the Water Dacoit leader falls for Abhay’s staterment that by applying his hair oil, the Dacoit will become a real Mard looks very superficial and he exchanges hair oil for water. It was only later when my friend paresh gave his take on the scene did I appreciate the fact that this is what the real world marketing is all about, Water being the most sought after product is the currency and Abhay comes to his elements by selling his fathers hair oil in the most difficult of the places.
Cinematography as well as the music is very good. A decent watch, but only to those who appreciate such movies. The script could have been made more realistic though.


P Kalyan said...

Good to see update after a long time. Nicely written.

Mithun Uliyar said...

Thanks Paresh...