Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dream away

Dream away, my teacher used to say,
Dream away, on the lands that are far and away,
Passing every stone on the way,
Touching every blade of grass that sways.

Dream away, shedding the pursuit of lucre,
Dream away, the life of a broke,
Toiling under the sparkling light of day,
Sweating out in the hot winds of May.

Dream away, those beautiful eyes,
Dream away, the parting of a beautiful smile,
Suffering the pleasures of a longing heart,
And the pain of the dividing chasm.

Dream away, the pursuit of the holy,
Dream away, a life of meaning,
Cleansing the mind through silence,
And pouring out the soul to the world.


Chethan said...

good one :) liked esp. the last stanza.

Mithun U said...

@chethan: thank you