Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peepli Live

The last time I had seen a comedy that was fun and hard hitting in its message was a long time ago, It was the legendary Jaane bhi dho yaaron. Peepli Live is a satire on the way farmers are treated by the brood of politicians and that of the hungry media. Many people who had seen the movie had given a thumbs down to it, probably they didn't have the right expectation before walking into the theater and they might have helped me in bringing down my expectations to the bare minimum. The movie opens by following the travails of the two farmers Natha and Budhia, both have lost their land and are at their wits end as to how to survive. A wily politician recommends them to commit suicide, saying the government would give money to their family. Natha decides to take the leap, the news leaks and the mayhem begins.
 The dialogues are rustic and has a generous stream of expletives thrown into it, but many times these expletives are simply hilarious. On one layer, the film is fun but on the other layer, it makes you realize that how difficult the life of a marginal farmer is. One of my friend made a comment that it is fun to watch the movie but really hellish to imagine oneself suffering through the travails faced by the main characters in the movie. 
 I would recommend this movie to everyone, but don't enter the theater with the hope that this will be another  run of the mill comedy. It is a very serious subject told in a comic way. The stamp of Aamir Khan has not let us down in the recent times.


Krishna said...

Quite spot on! I absolutely loved it too..and the key was to go not expecting anything! I think 3 Idiots(Aamir's last movie) set the wrong tone of expectation for many ppl who did not like Peepli.

Mithun U said...

yeah true, Many people I know went to this movie to de-stress themselves and came out of it more frustrated.