Friday, January 10, 2014

Start-ups & Products

Evolution is probably one of the most profound theories that one can see working in many spheres of life. The theory of natural selection bestows on the most adaptable, the crown of survival in a continuously changing environment.  In the technology industry many start-ups have come and gone and there are many more that will spring up in the future. In the garden of continuously changing environment of consumer’s tastes and preferences, seedlings spring up every now and then. Whether the seedlings manage to grow up into big trees having many branches or wilt under the changing tides is governed by the cycles of time. A vibrant start-up ecosystem will ensure that the technology garden is always ripe with fruits. The best possible idea among the many alternatives will emerge if the idea in its various forms germinates at the level of a startup. A big company pushing for a new product idea will muscle itself through to the consumers hand, who in turn will end up with a substandard product. Finally due to the network effect, the startup’s with good potential products are side-lined into oblivion.
As part of my daily readings of a couple of tech blogs, I thought of sharing some interesting product ideas from start-ups that was in news in the last month. I hope to put this up periodically probably for my own reference.

          Cube Sensors:

I liked the idea of having multiple sensors spread out at different locations in your home. Indirectly you have a spy in every room of your house if you want one. Connected seamlessly with your personal electronic device, these sensors can keep you updated instantaneously. This little things probably will revolutionize the way we see our homes if compelling use cases are found.

           Self-cleaning dishes:

Doing the dishes always sucks. I don’t remember any particular day where I really enjoyed doing it. If the dish has been let out to dry then you end up pulling out the skin from your hand along with stuck gruel. This amazing company is developing dishes which will not allow anything to stick to it. So just pour some water to shake of the whole muck and you end up with sparkling clean plates.

3D keys:        

This one in the outset may not look revolutionary. The option of printing your keys in 3D printer kiosks. Also I’m not so sure how will the business model will work, but they seem to be crazy enough to bring the 3D printer technology into the purview of the normal consumers.

Blood vessel 3D printing

Maybe a couple of centuries back people would have thought flying in the air is a crazy idea. A couple of days back, I would have said printing human organs is a totally outlandish dream. But a start-up in Japan is actually going out for trials of its bio printer which can print arteries of the heart. Soon, that long wait for the replacement body part faced by patients in hospitals will be a footnote in the book of history.

June: the wearable

This one is not coming from a startup and probably that is why the utility factor is looking totally doubtful. A gem of a band will tell you how much sun exposure you have had. At least I don’t see women falling for it unless the gem is actually worth it. 

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